Sacred Sisters is a community of women drawn together by ancient ways and cosmic connections. We are dedicated to supporting and uplifting women through energetic spiritual events and individual healing sessions. 

creating community

We understand the deep need to connect with each other through shared experiences while reflecting on our inner knowing.  Sacred Sisters can be all things at all times –  wild and fierce or refined and measured. We are the awakening women of the world, here to love, support and nurture each other through the miracles and the mundane. Together we create the world.

It is a blessing you have found this amazing network of women. Thank you for your presence in the world.


Great transformation and healing can take place in women’s gatherings. Sacred Sister Events bring together diverse women in all stages of life and backgrounds to learn, share and support each other. In community, we engage, see and hear each other in sweet and sometimes vulnerable moments. The Divine Feminine envelopes us as we remember the ancient ways and are birthed through life transitions.


Energy work for well-being is necessary for overall chakra function. As a client, I can attest to Bree Steldt’s talent and skill to bring forward functional alignment through the auric transmission of healing in her care. Through her services as a folk healer, Bree has increased my creativity and meditation skills to ever higher levels!

Joanie McMenamin, Author, “My Life As Prayer”

I worked with Bree when I was going through a tough time. It felt like nothing was going right in my life. Bree was able to see the truth of who I was as well as the situation and held this closely in prayer. I was able to surrender and became calm with Bree’s support. Everything worked out perfectly and seamlessly! The internal conflict was gone and the situation resolved!