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What does your soul need today? Do you need to talk and sort through your spiritual unfoldment? Do you need to receive gentle energy to help recalibrate? Not sure? Contact Bree for a free 20 minute consultation and to schedule an appointment.

Based on Science of Mind principles and the writings of Ernest Homes, SMT allows you to express any concerns on your mind. Illness, family and financial challenges can have an impact on your relationship with Spirit and test your faith. People benefit from these sessions in many ways as their consciousness is raised with Bree’s gentle guidance. Sessions begin with setting the sacred space, move into you expressing your thoughts at this time and end with affirmative prayer. These Spirit led discussions can bring you peace and clarity. Sessions offered via Zoom. 50 minutes

In these action packed sessions we dive into your goals for living your best life.  We can focus on values, limiting beliefs and barriers to reaching your goals. Clients will leave each session with an achievable action plan. Sessions are most effective in a 3 series to allow time to clarify goals and see progress.

Be ready to receive during these energetic healing sessions. Bree has been trained in a variety of modalities and uses her intuition to guide each appointment. Techniques used can include any of the following Reiki, Reconnective Healing, smoke, ritual, ceremony, crystal work, sound, use of natural objects and plant brushings. Sessions offered via Zoom and face to face.

This series is designed to reconnect the energetic grid of Earth, human body and Universe. By balancing and aligning the meridian lines of the human body, while connecting the ley lines of our planet with the universal energy grid, each person has the potential for amazing expansion. Special attention is paid to the heart and high heart energy centers, as this is the gateway center between the physical and cosmic. Energetic Alignment & Expansion can help when feeling really stuck, during big life transitions or feeling out of sorts with the world. Many people describe it as an energetic upgrade or increased clarity about life purpose with a desire to reach their full potential. Series includes two sessions scheduled 24-48 hours apart. Distance or in person.

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